14 heartwarming examples of rescue dogs building trust with humans shared in this online thread

Forming a bond with a dog is the foundation of friendship. Luckily, if you show that you can trust it, it usually goes very quickly. But not always. Some puppies are more cautious than others. Like those left in shelters by their previous owners or brought up without much care and attention.

But it is certainly possible to establish a connection with the rescue team. It may take a little longer to get used to, but over time you will make lifelong best friends.

Recent Reddit Users Throw M3 away 22 made post, described this exact itinerary, and people began to share similar stories because the journey was so heartwarming. Here are the most emotional ones.

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Image Credits: Throw M3 away 22

We were able to get in touch with FloydianCrazyDiamond and Redditor boring panda More about their dogs. “Her name is Molly.” they said “She’s mean, mean, cheeky, and aggressive, but she’s really cute and sweet when she wants to.”

“I was her hairdresser and her previous owners handed her over to me when they realized they weren’t qualified to take care of her.”

FloydianCrazyDiamond raised Molly for nine months and earned her trust by allowing her to roam freely with patience. Redditor said, “In her previous home, she was locked up in a cage for five years, so I never locked her out of nowhere.”

“She passed away from heart failure on February 3rd. When we got her she showed signs of heart failure but she improved almost immediately and thought she was better and it was just a ‘broken heart’. I got to taste watermelon for the first time on a passing day. I was so excited that I ran between the sofas and eventually fell over the sofa. It was ok. I just grabbed it and hugged it. I think she went out happily, stuffed with watermelons.”

14 heartwarming examples of rescue dogs building trust with humans shared in this online threadThis is very wholesome. I made it happy to read it, and if you’re okay with it, I can share a related story that may make someone else happy too.

A year ago I started sitting a very old and sick dog. I have known this dog for most of my life and his owner is the most passionate, caring and capable owner a dog can have. She has three Whippets, an old and sick one, a young ‘normal’ one, a really nice boy, and a very young traumatized dog. The lattest is really aggressive towards other dogs due to his trauma and along with all other owners he would be a direct danger to other dogs. All three of these wonderful animals were brothers, which is why the traumatized Johnny was able to live with the other two without incident.

Now my old and sick friend Finn has a rare disease that makes his nerves disappear. He was wobbly and wobbly here and there because he was hard to see and so badly that he could no longer walk and bend his legs. However, his brain was not damaged. He was a happy and lovely dog. And they are very attached to their owners. Caring for him was difficult and she had a hard time finding dog care. She couldn’t leave Fin alone in her house. What if he falls? Or what happened?

But he couldn’t walk properly, so he couldn’t go anywhere with her. Even the walks his brothers desperately need.

So I was given the glorious task of sitting him once a week. I had a good time with him, he lay on my lap, ate a banana from my hand and finally his owner taught me how to take him to the garden. So she could be out a little longer because I can help him pee. The problem is that you had to leash him as he bent his knees and couldn’t poop on his own. One day when I was there he could no longer manage it. Hanging and shaking, I got down on my knees and pushed him down while holding him in my arms and holding him so he wouldn’t fall. At first he was still trembling and tried to move his legs on his own, but suddenly I felt his whole body limp. He was still breathing and he was really comfortable and focused on getting the damn thing done. It was a heartwarming feeling that this dog trusted me so much. He passed away shortly after. I remember him very fondly. His brothers were good and old, but happy and healthy.

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14 heartwarming examples of rescue dogs building trust with humans shared in this online threadWe only adopt dogs that suffer from severe abuse/negligence. Their actions make sense when you consider where they come from. Continue to provide love, safety, routine, good food, clean water, soft touches (including comfy dog ​​beds) and come back gradually. One dog took almost a year, but now he’s the best. Keep it going. Your dog wants a good puppy.

This also reminds me of the first dog we adopted together. At least once in his life, he was trained to scratch the back door when he had to go out. He was a big dog and our tailgate was attacked until we trained him to growl if he had to go. One day my father was visiting, and a dog came up to me and started to growl. I pissed my dad off until I said I was fine, all I had to do was poop the dog. When he explained why we trained the dog, he was impressed.

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14 heartwarming examples of rescue dogs building trust with humans shared in this online threadCongratulations on the milestone!! I’m so happy with the progress! mine was similar Her old owner locked her in her kennel for so long that she learned to keep her as long as possible and barely drank her water. We had to take her out every hour for her to piss her off. We raised her for over 2 years of hers and she ran out and peeed on her with no problems! It’s really cool to watch rescuers become dogs again.

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14 heartwarming examples of rescue dogs building trust with humans shared in this online threadIt’s such a happy story! My mixed race girl obviously belonged to someone before I found her in her shelter, and every time we take her out of her shelter (once on the first time we met her and once on the day she adopted her) she immediately took her went to the bathroom of She was obviously holding on for a while. She has had an accident very rarely in her two and a half years we’ve had her and honestly has a steel bladder because she’s so stubborn and won’t go until she really should. Most days she goes after dinner around 5pm and will hold out until the next morning, even if we beg her to go outside and just pee on her before bed. It was very strange for my poodle to get used to doing commands well.

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14 heartwarming examples of rescue dogs building trust with humans shared in this online threadI’m so glad she’s being loved in a safe place. It may take her a while for her to fully trust her you, but you will appreciate her even more when she does.

My little guy had this same problem and would be afraid to even ask for a bowel movement. Now he did a toilet dance and put the toilet word down when I said “who wants to go to the toilet”. He jumps down so I can tie him with a harness and leash. I love him and I wouldn’t trade him for a puppy who doesn’t have his past. I’m sure there’s a reason we’re together

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14 heartwarming examples of rescue dogs building trust with humans shared in this online threadI’m not trying to do a drama, but I’m nervous because there is a similar story. I was lying on the sofa watching TV and suddenly a Cocker Spaniel came to me screaming. I took him outside and he pooped and didn’t scream. I was very confused. He was less than a year old and none of my other dogs ever yelled at me to empty their bowels. I took him to the vet and she gave him a clean health bill. Almost half a year later, in the same scenario, while lying on the couch watching TV, a cocker spaniel came up to me screaming again. But this time he fell. I immediately realized he was having a seizure. He was diagnosed with epilepsy. That’s not the case with your dog, it’s your story from my own memory and it doesn’t hurt to share information. Someone might see and help the puppet!

NOTE: We took phenobarbs and sodium bromide to treat his epilepsy. But he was gaining weight quickly and his liver was becoming obstructed. Best of all, he still had seizures at least twice a year. He took him to a new vet, stopped his old meds and started CBD. He’s had 2 seizures in 4 years since then!

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14 heartwarming examples of rescue dogs building trust with humans shared in this online threadOh, I’m so proud of her too! Because I am rearing, I know that some animals can have quirks. My Husky is for rescue and can scream when terrified. Perhaps she was beaten up when she peeed at her and screamed at her. Poor Hun, work with my little Atlas to make him feel safe and reduce it. food aggression.

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14 heartwarming examples of rescue dogs building trust with humans shared in this online threadIsn’t it the best feeling when they finally believe in us?

One of my puppies was pretty abused before coming to me and ran away from scrapes and pets in the first year and tummy rubs are by no means an option.

Now he actually asks us to start petting, cuddling, scratching, and scrubbing our belly thoroughly.
It’s a good feeling.

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A round of applause and applause to the loved ones who are clearly trying to do the right thing for their new parents. How wonderful! Give the puppy a treat and go back to bed. You can soon follow the trend towards successful potty training. It’s not training. trust. Obviously, she knows she can trust you and your love…and will become more relaxed and motivated to become toilet alert and so much more.

Congratulations on giving her such a wonderful and nurturing home. And for knowing what a feat this was for your furry companion with that traumatic past. And until 3 in the morning. Hey you!

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This is why I adopt it. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get a dog from a reputable breeder, but every time I see myself being my girl I just smile to know that she is now in a warm and lovely home and on the street no longer worrying about her next meal .

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We made the mistake of not waking up immediately when our 11 month old puppy really whined one morning after having it for months. She eventually got into an accident right next to our toilet bowl. She really tried to make sure we didn’t get her mad at her.

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Lucky girl who got a new patient owner! This is actually common if your dog is trained to pee outside. My puppy is with me in the office all day and when she has to go she comes to me and starts poking me with her nose, so it’s time to go. They are such lovely and intelligent creatures.

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14 heartwarming examples of rescue dogs building trust with humans shared in this online threadThe late Boston Terrier’s mother was abused, and those who rescued her were able to calm her anxiety by eating her bread. She has produced some of the most amazing offspring that have provided us with the enjoyment and fellowship of outdoor recreation for over 15 years.

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I had to teach Chihuahuas to be scared. I totally understand. She’s still a timid cat, but no one puts it near me.

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