18 Better Products You Absolutely Must Buy From ALDI

18 products you absolutely must buy from ALDI! Let’s take a quick look at ALDI and share some of my favorite essentials. Daily necessities, fun discoveries, organic food, all at an affordable price!

Hey! me again!

Your friendly neighbor ALDI lover!

I like a few things about ALDI. All of this you’ve probably heard me talk about before.

  • affordability and accessibility;
  • product quality;
  • Organic options abound.
  • amazing pantry essentials;
  • as well as great snacks and seasonal ingredients;
  • And in general, you can always try something new and fun.

I’m not usually a big shopper in the store, so most of my ALDI purchases are made online. This is via grocery pickup or delivery (I use the Instacart app). Doubly great! Affordable prices, quality organic products, really fun and tasty food every time you find them, and you don’t even have to change your workout clothes. I mean, I don’t deserve this.

Fun snacks, seasonal ingredients, pantry essentials, etc. I buy a little bit of everything from ALDI because they are all very cheap, but today 18 Must-Buy Products from ALDI. These are the things I buy and love as well as the ones I buy in bulk right now, especially when I’m trying to eat something fun, nutritious and better for you so we can get through the 900 days of January.

Here we go – my favorite food to buy at ALDI!

1: Simply Nature Organic Chopped Kale

White hand holding a bag of chopped kale

Reasons I like: Kale is a year-round winner, but a real hero, especially in winter. Perfect for smoothies, soups, stews, and salads, I love that they come pre-chopped and washed.

2: Simply Nature Organic Spring Mix

White hand holding package of spring mix.

Reasons I like: I am currently very obsessed with this simple green salad and buy this WEEKLY because organic spring mix is ​​the basis for it all. Gently coated with this vegetable, you can serve it with literally any food. A side for dinner, a brunch finish, and a simple entree salad topped with a slice of Parmesan Herb Chicken (more on that later).

3: Simply Nature Organic Baby Spinach and Arugula

White hand holding package of spinach and arugula

Reasons I like: Spinach and arugula are another winner. Occasionally I add a few handfuls of this to my spring mix to give the greens more of a spinach salad vibe. I also buy plain spinach to use in soups and smoothies. I have a bunch of ALDI’s organic vegetables in my fridge and they’re very cheap. Thanks, Aldi!

4: Simply Nature Organic Black Beans

white hand holding a can of black beans

Reasons I like: I keep quite a few canned beans in my “pantry” known as a small single top cabinet. The black beans and pinto beans I buy from ALDI most often (and because they are the beans I use the most in my cooking). I also often rely on canned beans to feed my girls when groceries seem a little tight. Make quick quesadillas, add seasonings and canned beans, and say they’re delicious.

5: Simply Nature Organic Chicken Broth

White hand holding a box of chicken broth

Reasons I like: My favorite thing about ALDI’s broth is just the variety. There are all kinds of broths, broths and even bone broth (!!) and everything I’ve tried has been really, really good. . Absolutely a pantry staple for us.

6: Selected 100% pure maple syrup

White hand holding a maple syrup container

Reasons I like: Real maple syrup is popular in baked goods, snacks and breakfasts, especially for girls. But real maple syrup is expensive! So I regularly buy real maple syrup from ALDI. Because it’s not only real, it’s also cheap. I think there are two or three open in the refrigerator right now. ?

7: Simply Nature Milled Flaxseed

white hand holding a bag of flaxseed

Reasons I like: ALDI’s Flax Meal is another snack/baking essential for me right now. I put a few scoops of this into my energy bites, smoothies, muffins, and breakfast oatmeal. The nutty flavor and chewy texture, rich protein and dietary fiber! Triple win!

8: Simply Nature Organic Quinoa

White hand holding a bag of quinoa

Reasons I like: I always stock up on a few bags of quinoa. Both of my daughters love using quinoa as a protein booster in almost every meal, and I love how versatile it is. Three toasts to organic and affordable quino.

9: Simply Nature Organic Creamy Peanut Butter

white hand holding a bottle of peanut butter

Reasons I like: This peanut butter has no added sugar, so it’s perfect for keeping things clean and simple. Once paired with the oil, the texture almost drizzles, and it’s actually really nice. For my three year old, I would drizzle it over apple slices or use it to make a great topping for breakfast oatmeal.

10: Park Street Deli Hummers

white hand holding a hummus container

Reasons I like: In fact, the hummus referred to here is about the various hummus (dips – don’t start with) you can find on ALDI. Hummus is a dish we almost always have in the refrigerator and is often added to the girls’ plate to round off the meal with a little extra. Girls love to dip them in vegetables. Even one-year-olds eat with their hands. ? I love this chicken pita with ALDI special bread.

11: Friendly Farms Traditional Plain Whole Milk Greek Yogurt

White hand holding a container of whole milk yogurt

Reasons I like: This regular whole milk Greek yogurt is a weekly purchase for us, which means several containers each week. We include yogurt in our recipes and often stir a loaf with meals to cool it down quickly for the girls. But it’s also so creamy and classy that it’s often eaten in a bowl for breakfast or snack with fruit, granola and/or honey.

12: Simply Nature Organic Whole Milk

white hand holding whole milk container

Reasons I like: Organic, affordable and complete. As a family with two young children, we drink a lot of this milk every week.

13: Friendly Farms Original Oatmeal

white hand holding a box of oatmeal

Reasons I like: Actually, a 3-year-old asked for a drink this morning (laughs). Bjork sometimes uses this as a smoothie. But most of them buy this stuff for themselves. I’ve mentioned it before and I’m sharing it again because it’s one of my favorites from ALDI. I mainly use it for coffee. This oatmeal honey latte is one of the little joys that keeps me going through the winter.

14: Simply Nature Grade A Organic Cageless Brown Eggs

white hand holding a box of eggs

Reasons I like: Cageless Organic Eggs – Need More? I stock up on these and usually buy 2-3 containers at a time (excessive or maybe so). So for breakfast, baking or a quick dinner you can never go without them.

15: Season’s Choice Frozen Mango

White hand holding a bag of frozen mangoes

Why I like this: We stock these mangoes mainly for smoothies. They make a great creamy, sweet and soft base. But my daughters also like to eat this just plain (after thawing). They make a great fruit-free alternative because they can be stored for a long time in the freezer. I also use things like this mango salsa when we can’t find freshly ripe mangoes.

16: Kirkwood Frozen Parmesan Herb Encrusted Chicken Tender

white hand holding a bag of frozen chicken tenders

Reasons I like: Hello these are very good. I am a new fan. First bought a few weeks ago and now I have several bags in my freezer. Most of the time I just bake, slice, and put on salads. This conveniently makes salads much more enjoyable. It tastes so good and *best* crispy. Perfect as a salad topping!

17: Simply Nature Organic Broccoli Small Flowers

White hand holding a bag of frozen broccoli

Reasons I like: We store ALDI’s frozen produce in our freezers throughout the winter. And broccoli is always, always, always on hand. Of course, adding them to recipes is fine, but when fresh vegetables are scarce, we steam a bag of this and serve it to the girls with hummus. Frozen broccoli that’s going lightning fast around the house is also fried.

18: Season’s Choice Garlic and Herb Rice Cauliflower

White hand holding a bag of cauliflower rice

Why I like it: I love using pre-cooked cauliflower to add greens and bulk to many recipes. This easy sheet pan collie rice won last year and I still use this method regularly! I recently bought one from ALDI, a cauliflower and sweet potato rice combo.

Now, my ALDI chooses for the January stock.

We’d love to hear from the ALDI fan squad. What’s your favorite ALDI right now?

Thanks to ALDI for sponsoring this post!

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