29 photos of foxes showing my love might just be what you need this Valentine’s Day.

In fairy tales, foxes are known to be cunning and cunning. Really fairy tale! Consider replacing the word with ‘sociable, lovable, caring, cuddly’. I never thought wild animals could be so affectionate, but they are wild animals. Foxes are very gentle and sociable animals, and will make excuses for a good old hug time.

‘Didn’t you see me in an hour?’ ‘Time to hug!’

‘A tick in the ear of a fellow fox?’ ‘The perfect excuse to hug… Hmm… It’s cleaning time.’

‘Are you taking a break?’ A perfect opportunity to trim the fur of a fellow fox.

‘Mutual conflict?’ Flattening her ears, waving her tail like crazy, hugging her like there’s no tomorrow…. Problem solved!

In other words, foxes are giant cuddling bugs. This applies not only to the ‘romantic love’ of foxes and foxes, but also to the love of brothers, sisters, and parents. Love, especially for very young foxes, is limitless. During her first few months of life, the mother fox showers her with a fox kit with love and care.

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