30 Horrible Dates That Qualify Over The Roof

Dating is complicated. After all, it’s easier than ever to choose from the myriad of dating apps and websites where you can filter people based on their description. But let’s say you decide to do so. You exchange messages back and forth, waiting until you start a conversation awkwardly, and thinking about starting another conversation… you find that the person you care about is too finicky to start.

So today we’re going to look at the not-so-cheerful incident where people met outrageously deserving dates. From claiming to own a waterfront property to asking for a complimentary Korean BBQ dinner, some people have unrealistically high standards.

We’ve scoured the internet to collect the best stories of people who we believe are inherently more valuable than anyone else. Keep scrolling and if you’d like, share your experiences in the comments below. Also check out the most recent posts about people who qualify here and here.

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