30 Very Bad GoFundMe Projects Made by Shameless People

Just because people choose to be kind doesn’t mean you can take advantage of that kindness. That seems right, right, pandas? Unfortunately, some people have little shame, showing off their greed and publicly begging for money. In the digital age, this is easier than ever.

For example, millions of people create the GoFundMe project to make money from naive altruists. where the name was appropriate Don’tFundMe’ subreddit eat at It is an online community that names and shames the most evil and greedy. Go Fund Me campaign.

Some of these projects are as blatant as possible. But some are clearly an attempt to entertain and brighten up people’s day with social commentary that is joking. Scroll down to see what the GoFundMe experience really looks like. Dear Pandas. And tell us about the worst campaign you’ve ever seen.

boring panda I reached out to the founder and moderator of the subreddit to talk about the history of the online group and the goofy GoFundMe campaign.

“I was inspired to create /r/DontFundMe when I saw a college friend posted GoFundMe for a Christian missionary trip abroad. Her campaign wasn’t posted on a subreddit and served as an initial inspiration,” they shared with us. I did.

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