35 Super Easy Freezer Meals (Perfect for Busy Weekday Dinners)

Easy Frozen Food

frozen food

Weekday nights can be hectic. Between school, work, and evening activities, sometimes you need a meal that can be put on the table in minutes. Discover over 35 super easy-to-frozen foods (more than a month) that you can throw away in the fridge. slow cookerChoose an instant pot or prepare a homemade meal in time for weekend dinners.

Easy Freezer Meal Ideas

Is there such a thing as easy frozen food? Yes! I think a frozen diet makes life and mealtime a lot easier. One day you spend time preparing meals, and during the week you throw away the trash and dinner is prepared when you need it. The freezer-type dining idea does most of the cooking for you, so it’s perfect for Crockpots and Instant Pots.

Frozen food for beginners

Whether you’re a newbie to meal prep, a new cook, or a very busy mom, Frozen Cooked Meals are super easy to prepare, cook and your family will love. Each recipe guides you step-by-step through the prep work, the actual dish, and you can enjoy your meal.

Freezer Meal Prep

When it comes to preparing meals, you can do a lot in less time. In fact, a refrigerator can be filled with meals in less than an hour. Meal preparation involves cutting, chopping, seasoning, combining, and storing the meal. In my house, we usually take an hour to a week to prepare our meals and cut down on snacks during the week and to make it easier to get through the week. Saturday afternoons or Sundays are perfect for meal prep. Find the time that works best for you

frozen food

Freezer Meal Ideas

Easy meals can be slow cooker recipes like chili and pulled pork, or even casserole recipes like lasagna or sheet pan meals.

Easy Frozen Food Recipes

Super Easy Money Saving Freezer Meals

We can help you have a stress-free, delicious dinner and help you save money. Below are 35+ freezer recipes (over a month) for dinner, lunch or your next big family gathering. Also, these are easy-to-follow recipes that will save you money.

frozen hot pot

Honey Garlic Chicken – spend in pennies

Mongolian Beef – Chunky Chef

Cabbage Roll – Mainly handmade

Tuscan Garlic Chicken – eat well

Jambalaya – Recipe critic

Instant Pot Freezer Meal Ideas

stuffed pepper – Sweet and delicious meal

Chicken Taco Soup – simply happy gourmet

italian wedding soup – go go go gourmet

Tuscan Chicken Pasta – My Crazy Good Life

Chicken Rotisserie – damn delicious

Family Friendly Frozen Meals

Tuscan Pasta – Six Sisters

Teriyaki Chicken – $100 per month

Hawaiian Sweet Roll Slider – Make a meal mom in advance

chicken enchilada – live, make, eat

Lasagna Roll Up – Natasha’s Kitchen

low budget frozen food

mini pizza – Budget Bytes

Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole – Large family table

Chicken Fajitas – Make a meal mom in advance

Pork enchiladas – my family dinner

shepherd’s pie – Large family table

healthy frozen food

Parsley Chicken – less mess

Chicken Spinach Manicotti – $100 per month

Chicken Parmesan Cheese – Family Freezer

wild rice noodles– yum pinch

Grilled Chicken, Bacon and Potatoes – Kylie Cooks

home made frozen food

Beef Stroganoff – Frozen Food 101

Roasted Jetty – Flour on my face

Lemon Pesto Chicken – Magical slow cooker

meatball – $100 per month

Tteokgalbi – Elegant little bee

Mexican Lasagna – Get ahead of mom

Keto Frozen Foods

Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole – Paleo Running Mamma

Chicken Tikka Masala – Family Freezer

pesto meatballs – Delicious lotus

Keto Lasagna – Keto Focus

Coconut Curry Chicken – healthy yam

Weekday Frozen Food

If you’re a busy mom looking for a healthy, affordable meal at the table for dinner, the recipes above will help you out. Simple, easy-to-follow recipes including shopping lists, step-by-step instructions and tips. Reduce mealtime stress and stock up on a few of these great recipes in your freezer. Make mealtime fun again.

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35 Super Easy Freezer Meals (Perfect for Busy Weekday Dinners)

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