35 things happening next door shared by this online group

We haven’t spent that much time at home since the pandemic started. And it probably won’t go anywhere. As more and more workspaces transition to hybrids or from the home model to all-work, the home is likely to remain a safe office space with obvious benefits. Actually this 2019 survey Hybrid work environments make employees happier (83%), feel more trustworthy (82%), improve work-life balance (81%), and are more likely to recommend a company to a friend (81%) . . So, are we now living our best lives, at least in that sense?

It’s not that fast. Being at home means you’re not alone, as well as spending more time with your family, whether you like it or not. Neighbors are here too. That means a lot of noise, from construction sounds to loud brawls or dance music smashing through speakers. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Some people are (mis)lucky and have some really weird neighbors to deal with. And when I say weird, I mean it. Thanks to the subreddit “next door,“Now we’re like, ‘Who the hell has a problem?’

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