37 Most Cruel Responses From Pastor Facing Big Backlash Against Mansplain Women For Clothes Not To Wear In Photos

Brian Sauvé, a Christian pastor at Refuge Church in Ogden, Utah, has sparked outrage online on social media by arguing that women shouldn’t wear certain types of clothing.

at now the infamous tweet, Brain wrote an open letter to “Ladies,” arguing that “I see no reason to post pictures of myself wearing low-cut shirts, bikinis, bras, underwear or the like.” The candid father of five continues to argue that weight loss journeys, showing newborns or documenting birth records are not enough.

As you may have guessed, this didn’t quite work well with people online. They responded “to Brian” in a similar way to Brian, pointing out how misleading his message was in many ways. #Dear Brian It’s trending right now, and below we’ve collected the best responses from people allergic to misogynistic BS.

Image Credits: Brian_Sorb

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