50 Funny Memes Too Relevant To Share On This Instagram Page

Memes are the universal language of the Internet. We don’t just laugh, we share to communicate, criticize, and reflect trends. Essentially they think of the 2020 and 2021 memes, the squid game meme, and Mike Pence’s Paris meme.

On the other hand, some memes refer to what most of us find very relevant. They identify common experiences, feelings, and even opinions. Why are such personal things so universal? Well, we may not have an answer to the phenomenon, but we do have a lot of funny memes about everyday life in the hoodoo world that will definitely make you laugh.

And thanks to the Instagram page “are you having fun?,” Below is the entire collection to scroll through. According to the page description, it’s “the most reportable page on Gram,” and a whopping 2.7 million followers are likely to fully agree.

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