50 people having a terrible day at work

We all had the worst day. From a key falling into a road drain hole to a car engine that won’t start on vacation, trivial things like pouring salt instead of sugar in coffee are called First World problems, but they are real. And the blood boils In fact, we previously rolled up this collection of photos of people having a better day without them.

This time, we’re taking it one step further with a new list of employees who are having a tougher day than you. The case is just evil. Think of someone dropping $40,000 worth of glasses on the first day, or how it feels to work from home and play video instead of audio.

As soon as you get home, feeling the hair standing in your arms, you leave the stage to all the workers in need of a big hug, mint tea, and warm blankets. And if you still feel that your workday isn’t going as planned, think again.

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