50 Strangely Satisfying Things for the Inner Perfectionist (New Pics)

We are the Chief Moderator and Co-Founder of r/OddlySatisfying, Dr. We were able to get in touch with Mitchell Creed and were kind enough to chat with us a bit about the subreddit despite the large portions on our plate. Creed is also a Physician on a Pediatric Neurology Fellowship on Long Island. Far from the pejorative Reddit mod stereotype.

“I came up with [the concept for the sub] I’m in graduate school in 2013,” Creed said. boring panda. “I didn’t expect it to be that big, but when coming up with the subject and everything, it was really important for the moderator to have as little intervention as possible, including the ‘police’.”

It is said that the expression ‘strangely satisfactory’ is difficult to accurately describe. “There’s no exact definition, because it’s a subjective feeling. We all know it, but we can’t fully explain it to each other. For all the amazing mods that involve myself and the community, the community decides which one fits the definition best.”

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