A hobbyist baker put a high price on the cake to avoid making too many cakes. Families call them idiots.

There are two conflicting emotions that most of us have heard of before. “Do what you love, and you’ll never work for the rest of your life.” And vice versa. Keep your hobbies as far away as possible so they don’t ruin your work. fun in it. But when you outdo your hobbies and people start to pressure your co-workers to do more for you, they don’t take “no” to the answer.

Redditor named ‘cake dub 3‘ There was no intention to turn their love of baking cakes into profit. In fact, they tried to avoid it entirely. But similar to those who had to turn (sort of) knitting and knitting hobby into a full-time business, lack of surgical masks, and more and more people are starting to ask authors to shower various celebrations with delicious buttercream delight. They may not save lives, but at least they can make them much better.

Sensing that their beloved hobby is getting away from mitts, the authors deliberately put a reasonably high price tag on the service to see if it could help get things back to normal. Fortunately, the plan worked, but… It wasn’t without breaking the egg.

Worried that they may have done something wrong, the author has a trusted ‘I’m that [Jerk]‘ The community settles their conscience at once.

It’s hard to put a price tag on the things you most want to do

Image Credits: Daniel J. Schwarz (not real photo)

But if your hobby suddenly turns into a full-time job and starts to lose its appeal, seeing if people are willing to pay for it may be the only way out.

Here’s a better way to show how much your family appreciates your handicraft.

Image Credits: cake dub 3

I applauded the author’s way of coping with a frustrating situation.

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