A man asks if it’s wrong for him to leave his sister’s wedding after she makes her miss the entire wedding after she asks her to look after her child.

A wedding should be a celebration of the love between two people. But often they are full of family drama. Whether it’s a drunken uncle, an arrogant momzilla, or a cousin who talks inappropriately, no celebration is safe in difficult circumstances. But imagine being close to your brothers and sisters and wanting to see them reach another milestone in life, but then you realize that they have invited you to take care of their children.

This happened to a 31-year-old man. Technical_Spread1810, my sister got married a few days ago. The couple, who had “spent all their money on the wedding and the party,” decided not to hire a nanny and provided a “huge list of hours” during which the brother was supposed to look after the baby.

As you can guess, it didn’t quite fit the writer. Annoyed and annoyed that his sister wanted to miss out on all the important parts of the celebration, the man left. After being accused of ruining the wedding, he turned The AITA subreddit asks if he acted like an idiot. Read the full story.

The man was treated like a babysitter, left at his sister’s wedding, and was told that “it ruined her wedding.”

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He goes to the AITA subreddit and asks if he’s acting like an idiot.

Redditors seemed to have a lot to say about this and ran into the author’s defense.

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