‘Affirmations with Hints of Humor’: 50 Healthiest Posts Shared on This Instagram Account

It is not surprising that there is growing evidence that negative news can affect mental health, especially in the form of increased anxiety, depression and acute stress responses. Often times, we unwittingly spend hours in our negative thoughts, whether it’s the endless scrolling on social media or a batch of current events coming straight to your mobile every morning.

So it’s no surprise that the good news is having a renaissance. Just look at my Instagram account.”tank good news,” a powerhouse of upbeat, wholesome, humorous, and overwhelmingly positive content. George Resch (aka tank sinatraAiming to highlight the good instead of the bad, the page today has 2.7 million followers.

Below we have gathered some of the most wholesome, soothing, and humorous posts on the page to fill your heart with joy. Enjoy! Also, please share this post with someone who has been depressed recently. It works like magic.

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