After his boss banned him from calling 911, an employee cut the restaurant door and asked for legal advice after he was done.

Imagine being stuck at work all night, threatening to fire you if you call the fire department for help. It sounds like a nightmare scenario, but this is exactly what happened to an employee of a fast food restaurant named Zealousideal-Ebb-481. He shared his story on Reddit..

“I called the manager and was told that if I can’t open the door in the morning, I’ll be locked up here at least all night,” the author said. As I was about to leave after my shift, the gate was confiscated. “There is no emergency exit in the restaurant, and there is also a Walmart, but I can’t leave the restaurant. Even on Windows.”

However, when the writer called his boss, the reaction was somewhat shocking. “My boss made it very clear *not* I would call the fire department because the fire department would break the door. They’ll be the first to come here in the morning…” Read the full story below and share your thoughts on: do it. All of this is in the comments section.

Recently, a fast food restaurant employee shared a disastrous post, if not more, of being stuck at the scene overnight.

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illegal confinement It can happen in a few different ways. According to Legal assistance at work, the most common practice among non-profit legal services agencies that have been supporting low-income working families for over 100 years is if your employer won’t let you leave the room. “The employer can do this by locking you in a room or placing someone at the door to prevent you from leaving.”

“Physical restraint does not require physical restraint,” they say. “False imprisonment also occurs, for example, when an employer threatens to harm you or your property if you leave. False imprisonment can also occur if the employer threatens to arrest them if they leave.”

False detention claims must be filed with the court. “It is usually reasonable to file a claim only if there is ‘damage’. Damage is equal to lost wages due to missed work hours due to medical expenses or false imprisonment. You may also suffer emotional distress or psychological treatment as a result of the incident,” suggests Legal Aid At Work.

For small cases, small claims court may be the best option. “You don’t have to find a lawyer in small claims court (in fact, you don’t even have a lawyer in small claims court). However, the maximum you can recover is $7,500. If your claim is more than $7,500, you must file it in Superior Court.”

And this is what people had to comment on the whole incident.

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