“Am I an idiot when my parents told me to pay my college tuition if they want a relationship?”

Who wasn’t jealous of his brothers and sisters? You are not allowed to go out after 7pm while you are at home with your mom because you are not “age” to do anything else. Being constantly annoyed with your siblings (the competitive nature of everything) is the price you pay for having siblings. And while parents should love all their children equally and unconditionally, the reality can sometimes be different.

As this woman tells her story, she’s in trouble simply because her parents are “religious and culturally” conservative. While all three brothers are encouraged to reach for the stars, go to college, start a 401k career, or perhaps “Forbes”under 30 under 30” List — The only daughter, like her beloved mother, had to aspire to be the greatest housewife wife ever.

The writer disobeyed his parents and proved to his parents that he did not deserve to be greater than his brothers and sisters. Best of all: She accomplished everything herself. And when her elders reached out to her years later to get rid of her resentment, the author asked for only one thing. It was to pay her back, like her brothers, for all her money she didn’t receive from her college days.

Seeing how angry her parents were after her ultimatum, the writer ‘I am [Jerk]‘ The community makes sure she doesn’t overuse her hands.

Sometimes you have to achieve everything without support because your parents’ visions and futures are so different from what they envisioned.

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So when these parents decided to reconcile with their only daughter, they met an ultimatum that wouldn’t come.

The world is definitely moving in the right direction, but industries (film, video games, technology, engineering) are encouraging more and more women to become part of male-dominated companies. Academic education previously reserved for men (now far more women around 1970) — recently research It showed that we are still miles ahead in an egalitarian society. In this case, “children’s concepts of intelligence and abilities” have so far been linked to gender. Unfortunately, it’s not hard to guess the gender we can all think of.

If you would like to learn more about how traditional gender roles in families affect both boys and girls, boring panda We reached out to Susan Marie McHale, director of Penn State University’s Institute for Social Sciences, who has been focusing on the study of gender dynamics in families for decades.

As McHale explains her charm, “In the 80s, when maternal work engagement changed and there were important developments in the gender department, it became clear that one of the major dimensions of family life was gender role.” Family system dynamics. In one of McHale’s more famous treatises entitled ‘Family Patterns of Gender Role Attitudes’, she to find out Families with parents who adhere to traditional gender role attitudes are more prone to conflict.

“It was then- yet That’s when people were trying to figure out what worked. We’re not establishing the traditional family model where you do this and I do. this “However, if family roles are better defined, it is much easier to find causes of conflict. However, families with more equal gender roles have been shown to be more positively linked to adaptation.”

To further explain this phenomenon, McHale described an experiment in which boys in traditional family settings were given more feminine chores, such as washing dishes and laundry. “Mothers asked their sons for help, but fathers very traditional. So the boys were sandwiched between these two opposing forces when it came to gender. And as a result, he underperformed (probably) because of his attitude towards masculinity and gender.”

Many supported the author and respected the way she provided her parents with clean slates.

But some thought that this apple did not fall. that Away from the tree and her expensive ultimatum shows that.

While more research is needed in this area of ​​research, one thing is clear, according to McHale, that siblings are an important factor when analyzing the impact of stereotyped gender roles in families. “Kids are paying attention to how they monitor how their parents treat their brother or sister,” she said.

As you might have guessed, seeing how different you are being treated entirely because of your gender (the privilege of staying behind you and acting freely) affects your relationship with your siblings and your understanding of what’s possible and what’s not. McHale noted that “there were reported higher impacts on sexual socialization and sibling conflict in families with strict gender role norms, where men do this and girls do that.”

One important finding from her research was that fathers of first-daughters were less likely to have traditional gender role attitudes. “As you know, girls mature earlier than boys. They have what we call an ‘executive function’. They pay more attention and get things done. Boys are usually at least a few years behind girls,” McHale explained.

“So, is there this dad who believes that girls aren’t as capable as boys? And they are watching their eldest daughter, who is far ahead of the men.” result? McHale says fathering an eldest daughter makes a significant (secular) change in their sexual attitudes.

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