Americans call them weird or confusing things in the UK, and here are 44 of the best posts.

The UK and the US speak the same language, but these two countries couldn’t be more different. Whether it’s a whimsical accent, an outrageous sense of humor, or an embarrassing obsession with cars and weather, the British have a talent for confusing people on the other side of the Atlantic.

It’s no secret that going to a new country and immersing yourself in its culture leads to exploring other things and finding yourself in unfamiliar situations. So the American TikTok creator swfinds Moving across the pond, they began documenting everything that puzzled them in England.

boring panda We’ve collected the weirdest things that have completely perplexed users. Check them out below and vote for the ones you still want to weave together. And if you have an explanation, don’t be shy and share it in the comments!

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