“Are you going to get a pay cut, lose your benefits or get fired? Okay”: New boss gives essential employee an ultimatum and eventually bankrupts the business.

We always adapt to change at work. Ingenious ideas always enter the mind of workers and remain as they are as new procedures progress. But sometimes these transitions involve entirely new regimes and owners who trust too much in their abilities to see beyond their noses.

Reddit user NotLagrange a few days ago wrote a post Exactly about that at r/MaliciousCompliance. They work as logistics consultants and have long-term contracts with friends who inherited the family’s machine shop. Everything went well until the pandemic forced him to sell his business to an ignorant entrepreneur (called Bob) who had no industry experience.

NotLagrange wrote, “He didn’t understand exactly what my job was and I thought it was unnecessary.” The new boss gave the author an ultimatum to cut salaries and lose benefits or fire them. But what Bob forgot is that his employee applied for two patents that were crucial to the survival of the company. Read the full story.

The new boss has given Reddit user NotLagrange an ultimatum to pay cuts and to lose or fire benefits.

Image Credit: Scott Graham (not real photo)

They wrote a post about how their decision broke the business.

Image Credit: NotLagrange

Here’s how people react after reading the story:

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