Artist creates humorous cartoons that retail store employees and ordinary people will probably relate to (30 new photos)

They say, “Make a broken heart an art.” For Stephen Beals, it’s about turning negative emotions into humorous cartoons. Yes, “Adult Children” is back. boring panda!

Stephen Beals is an artist who has drawn comics forever “out of a pure love of the art form”. As Stephen himself put it, his illustrations were created by him to cheer him up after work. Because, according to the artist, “adults look like myths we tell our children to get them to act.”

The cartoon deals with everyday life situations working in the retail sector. Small fragments of work life are humorously presented, but we believe most of our characters can be heard screaming silently in helplessness and fatigue. At the same time, the illustrations are very relevant.

The author has always been a fan, so he was happy to have his comics featured on Bored Panda. “me Posts about my work can only be glimpsed with one eye. I will try bravely. You can try using both eyes. We will see, we will see…”

Don’t forget to check out our previous article with more humorous and candid “adult children” comics. And it is better to use all eyes.

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