“Bored Panda Best Comment Awards”: 50 Funny Times Made Our Posts Much Better (New Pics)

Oh, the comments section is full of life. Sometimes the people there spark conversations about various social issues. Others will live by the opinions of others. Or maybe you’re simply enjoying a heated argument, or, of course, grabbing a box of figurative popcorn along the way. When comments tend to go from simple insults to inspiring ones in seconds, we’re glad they’re there.

Our readers have proven over and over how interesting, fun and wholesome they can be. Some commenters provide content that is better than the photos themselves. To celebrate your creativity and wit, we’ve compiled a list of the best comments floating around on our page.

we are here boring panda Love clever humor and we know you too. So keep scrolling to make sure it’s on the list and share some more fun wisdom below the photos below! Also check out Part 1 of this post right here.

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