Coming Soon: Fun Series in February

February is for all the fun things like cakes, thick noodles, sandwich casserole and more. Have fun on the train everyone!

Hello hello welcome to February! A month after the first month, and the hundredth month of the year never ends? What is time? January has been full of meal planning and preparation to help keep us all comfortable and more manageable with our lives after a whirlwind of vacation. The recipes are relatively easy and nutritious, and it’s definitely the type of food you eat during the week/evening.

But now we want to unpack a little. Create recipes to feed our tummy, our hearts, our little joy sacs and everything on this cold winter day. (And if you want to play LOL in the “unlock” version, that’s fine, but here it is.)

These are a little more complex, a little richer, and a lot of fun. Drizzle caramel, drown in noodles, topped with burrata, and gift-wrapped with crispy tortillas. We will also be giving out fun things that are not related to food, so please pay a lot of attention! Shall we have a great time?

What to expect from the February Fun Series

Just for fun. Please enjoy the fun. That said, they’re full of ideas for fun, little chocolate-flavored imitation cakes, savory and amazing soups stuffed with savory and spicy noodles, and fun little waffle iron omelette-type guys. What’s the idea of ​​a fun Reuben Casserole?! Because they are our friends. It certainly is. This is how we enjoy it.

You’ll see old funny favorites reappearing, maybe even a very casual lifestyle post about some makeup/skincare favorites. Would the cute puppy Sage take a dip and say hello? exactly. Do you have an overly decadent (possible?), tasty date night dessert idea for your best friend/friend/galentine? You can rely on it.

What’s so funny about this?

We hope this February series will be fun and light-hearted. Indulge a little, take the time to make your own taco bell style crunch wraps (only 1000 times better) because you don’t have to worry about labels with hash browns and eggs and all your favorite breakfast pieces because it can be a dream come true waffle iron . Will you run around like crazy and enjoy other fun things and then report back to us? Oh, we hope so.

When and where can you find all the fun?

February Fun series begins. Monday, February 7th.

You can access all recipes via:

We already know it’s February. See you back here from Monday for all the fun things to do! ?

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