Easy Vintage Color Patterns – 10 Lines a Day

vintage color pattern

If you want to create a colorful project, but don’t want to worry about memorizing patterns, carrying strands after work, or monitoring the tension of the fabric, try the color patterns described in this tutorial.

I learned it. vintage pattern book Received as a gift from my dear friend Ruth. this book “Verna Book No. 73” and was published in 1958.

The two-color pattern introduced here is All-over pattern on a lovely summer blouseHowever, this color pattern looks equally great on shawls, scarves, blankets, hats and gloves.

vintage color pattern

In this stitch small repeat pattern And it forms the fabric. Edges do not curl It looks good on both sides of the job. This is suitable for most knitting projects.

Can also be used on socks, but this stitch thicker texture than many other stitch patterns. It happens because this pattern is based on a garter stitch.

Now that you know how versatile these color patterns are, let’s see how we can make. I’ve tweaked the original instructions a bit to make the pattern easier to remember.

To use this color pattern seamless projectcast on even needlework Same as round 1 and 3 Do as directed for lines 1 and 3. At the end of the round, 1 stitch is reduced and that’s fine. simply Ignore the pattern instructions for the last stitch. It must be knitted. In rounds 2 and 4 cut all the needles instead of knitting.

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Easy Vintage Colored Patterns |  10 lines a day
Easy Vintage Colored Patterns |  10 lines a day
Easy Vintage Colored Patterns |  10 lines a day

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