Employee number 30 turned a lifeless office cubicle into something cool.

Making the office feel comfortable is always a clever idea. Otherwise, you may not be able to perform as well as you would like. Even if your boss sometimes makes your life hell, your workspace should actually serve as one of the safest spaces. After all, it will be the most visited location, and who wants to feel awkward most of the week?

Whether you own an entire office or just have a cubicle, it’s always exciting to stick to a very well-known tradition and dispel that boring vibe by putting pictures of your pet or entire family on your desk. This type of practice has become so commonplace that some people decide to become DIY enthusiasts.

boring panda We scanned the web and gathered some of the coolest and most creative cubicles to further focus on the company’s amazing workspace transformation. Beginner. The post went viral with over 296,000 likes and 47,000 retweets, prompting more people to share their impressive desks and offices.

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