Ezra Miller shares secret message to KKK in Instagram video

Here’s a superhero-villain showdown we didn’t expect. flash vs. Ku Klux Clan.

Thursday, January 27, Ezra Millerplaying DC superheroes in movies Suicide Squad and Justice League In a solo film that is about to be released in November Instagram Selfie video that seems to threaten white supremacists.

“Hello. This is Ezra Miller known as Bengal Ghoul, Wizard of Mad Goose. This is a message to the Beulaville branch of North Carolina Ku Klux Klan,” the Star said. “Hello! First of all, how are you? It’s me. Hey, if you want to die, I’d recommend just killing yourself with a gun, okay?”

Miller added: “Otherwise, keep doing exactly what you’re doing. And you know what I’m talking about. Then if it’s really what you want, we’ll do it for you. Okay. Let’s talk quickly, okay? Bye!”

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