Fair Isle Inside Out – 10 Joules a Day

Fair Isle Inside Out

Do you know how fabric wrinkles when working on Fair Isle or other twisted color patterns? There is a very simple way to avoid this problem. All we have to do is flip the project.

because wrinkles thread wagon be on the wrong side of things shorter than they should be. When reversing the job, the float wraps around the outside of the fabric. larger circumference than on the inside. This small difference is enough to prevent the float from pulling on the fabric.

You can switch this way from: All stages of knitting a project, but it Better To start working this way first round of color patterns. this way even tension I worked with color patterns in the whole segment.

This simple technique is suitable. Round knitting only but it works fine all kinds of knitting needles. You can use this trick when knitting with double needle, with two circular needles, one short circular needle or one long circular needle and magic loop Technology.

Here’s how it happens. step by step.

As an added bonus, this simple method also Take care of the “ladder” often formed between the needles.

that much best part is – Both of these issues are under control. on autopilot. You no longer have to worry about the length of your float or “ladder”. That’s what we can call it. “Happy Knitting”!

P.s Thanks to Rita Katz for sharing this clever trick by email. Thanks, Rita ?

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Fair Isle Inside Out |  10 lines a day
Fair Isle Inside Out |  10 lines a day
Fair Isle Inside Out |  10 lines a day

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