Fire an employee for using a customer’s toilet

Recently, An insurance company employee’s story, Tosser_tin on Reddit caused quite a stir in the Antiwork community. “I got fired for using the customer restroom… .” It says the headline of the post, so you know where this is headed.

Turns out, during a visit to the client, the author wrote, “We stayed at this woman’s house for three hours today, and she and her two children and her sister signed up.” Besides, “She offered me coffee (in our company, ‘Otherwise you’d be rude)'” and drank two cups.” As expected, the client needed a bathroom and the client had the bathroom in the writer’s home. offered to use.

This could have been the end of the story, but it wasn’t. The company where Tosser_tin worked had to accept a cup of coffee as a courtesy, but the need for a working bathroom was clearly a No-No. Read the full story below to see how it ended up and share your thoughts on this whole thing in the comments section.

Image Credits: Vadim Artyukhin (not real photo)

Image Credits: toss_tin

Later the author added some updates to the story.

Image Credits: toss_tin

It seems that the incident caused a stir in the community and many people shouted out the company’s policy.

One person pointed out that it’s best to remain silent about work errands when talking to a co-worker.

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