First Impressions of Celebrity Big Brother House

We are Eye Looking forward to this season!

On January 26, CBS announced an all-new starred cast. big brother season 3 home celebrity big brother. And now, E! The news has an exclusive first glance inside the house on the first floor. todric hall, llama odom, Shana Mockler And more people will make a living competing for the $250,000 grand prize.

And this home repair will definitely make you want to grab a hat, gloves and skis. (Or take a sip of hot cocoa at the lodge) This season’s contemporary Swiss chalet-themed house features a fireplace and beaded crystal chandelier (over 300,000 individual beads) at the entrance, complete with a bespoke travel poster.

And the biggest revelation? The spiral staircase is gone. Yes you read it right! Fans of the show have in the past, big brother House guests used the stairs to access the rooms upstairs. However, after nearly 20 seasons, the fixture was replaced with a three-story staircase.

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