Freelancer Anonymously Shares ‘Customers From Hell’ Stories And Top 50 Worst Cases (New Pics)

No, the customer is not always right! As much as we would like to believe we are the best of mankind and pandas, the fact of the matter is that there are very rotten apples here and there. They like to come in and eat the pain and ruin people’s day. They are the people who spread misery. And they need to know that what they’re doing is far from ‘okay’ and they can’t even see the line they crossed anymore because it merges with the horizon.

that much Guest from Hell project (now ‘It’s not always right’) shares your most memorable and entertaining stories of dealing with rude, deserving, or simply stupid customers. Today, we introduce the experience of f.Re-launchers and designers. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite posts as you scroll down, Pandas.

boring panda Contacted entrepreneur Aatikah Santos, CEO and Founder of . kyla beauty barIt’s a chat about how to deal with difficult and frustrating customers, and how some people still fully believe that customers and customers are always right no matter what.

“Because I represent my business, I like to stay calm and take a few minutes before responding. I like to try to make everyone feel welcome no matter what they say. We do our best to solve the problem when we have it. , but sometimes our customers get so frustrated that they don’t want to solve it and keep getting angry,” she said. Scroll down to see the full interview with Aatikah.

Do you have a story about a terrible customer to share with us? Why not try clicking the comments section at the bottom? After enjoying this list, you should check out more stories here and here about all kinds of employees who have to deal with ‘customers from hell’ featured in Bored Panda’s previous articles here.

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