Guy calls a prestigious art school to smash people’s dreams into plain letters.

Every young aspiring artist knows that entering a good art school is a milestone in their future career. But they also know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact, no one, no matter how talented, is immune to every rejection letter or slap in the face. Sadly, many great talent have to say goodbye to their dreams and take on new jobs that are less than expected.

But a Berlin-based fantasy artist named Jonas Jödicke was not one of them. Even after receiving a harsh rejection letter from the Berlin University of the Arts, he did not give up and ended up working with large international companies.

So Jonas is shooting This Viral TikTok Video Not only did he show off his impressive portfolio there, but it certainly didn’t seem like enough to get him in his place, but he demanded something more sinister from the institution. As a result, the school was bluntly sending the same general letter to all applicants. Dear art schools, take a note. Because this message from Jonas is for you.

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Berlin-based digital artist Jonas Jödicke, 27, TikTok shared a video After submitting an impressive portfolio, he was still rejected for admission to the Berlin University of the Arts.

In the video, he not only expressed his frustration, but also showed that a rejected fellow applicant, even his sister, received the same generic letter. This video has been viewed more than 470,000 times and has been well-received by many aspiring artists.

To get in, Jonas had to submit a portfolio, so he picked out some of the pieces he was sure of.

Image Credits: jojosart

Image Credits: jojosart

Image Credits: jojosart

Image Credits: jojosart

But unlike many who gave up and chose a different path, the videographer pursued his dream and eventually ended up working with an impressive list of clients such as Adobe, Winsor&Newton, and Ravensburger.

Jonas felt hope and had no idea he would receive a rejection letter of this kind.

Image Credits: jojosart

“I’ve been creating and imagining fantastic worlds since I can remember. In 2010 I started posting some of my work online and what started as a hobby has now become a profession.” Jonas, better known as Jojoe on social media, said: says in his Patreon..

It soon turned out that Jonas was far from the only applicant to have received this exact rejection letter.

However, Jonas did not give up yet and continued to pursue a career in the arts, working for some great companies.

Image Credits: jojosart

Image Credits: jojosart

“My paintings are known for depicting majestic animals and magical landscapes with a mixture of bold colors and spiritual themes, especially the interaction of yin and yang.” Today, the young artist has built an impressive follower audience with 258,000 followers on Instagram.

Dear art schools, this is Jonas’ message to you.

As a prestigious institution, Jonas was refused to be known as the Berlin University of the Arts, Germany, which began its academic activities in 1696. According to According to their website, the Berlin University of the Arts is highly competitive and can only accept 1 in 5 applicants.

For those who are lucky enough to get accepted, the bachelor program costs less than 1,000 USD per year and the master’s program is reset to 1,000 USD per year.

And here’s the full video Jonas shared on TikTok.

@jojoesart Okay I’m not Austrian and I started the war out of frustration :sweat_smile: #conservatory #Art College #my portfolio #art portfolio ♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono – Mosimo Sound Design

Image Credits: jojosart

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