Guy doesn’t understand why his GF left him in the restaurant after pulling out a real bell to get the employee’s attention.

After dating for several months, you think you know a person. Or at least know that it won’t make you want to die of embarrassment. However, as a Reddit user Blaine-Advertising-5996 Not always.

a few days ago she submitted a story as “I am [Jerk]?The community about a dinner date she had with her boyfriend. Everything was going well until the man pulled out a real bell to get the waiter’s attention.

I don’t know what went into his head and convinced him this was acceptable, but the friend even defended himself by telling his confused girlfriend that it was normal behavior in America.

To see if that’s true, she tells everything on the popular subreddit and asks if she’s overreacting. Here’s what she wrote.

A woman went to a restaurant with her boyfriend, but the date quickly ended after she actually rang the bell to get the waiter’s attention.

Image Credit: Marco Verch (not real photo)

The man even accused her of making unnecessary scenes, so she turned to the Internet to ask if it was true.

But people were just as bewildered by the ordeal as she was.

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