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*This post was written with product support from Prefix*

Hello Austin friends! I wanted to share with you my thoughts on a really cool home repair/maintenance service called PreFix. We recently bought a new home and learned about PreFix through a friend. We have been working with PreFix for two months now and are impressed with their mission and service. So, you might be wondering, “What is PreFix?” We’ll share all the info below!

What is the prefix?

Prefix is ​​a service provided to people around the Austin, Texas area (Austin, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Lakeway). Think of it as a convenient one-stop shop for home care. With a membership, you can contact a dedicated home manager for everything from on-demand repairs to preventive maintenance. Basically, they save you the hassle of having to call another contractor or business to get a repair done. They truly make home repairs easy and affordable!

What type of service does the prefix provide?

PreFix team members are talented technicians trained in plumbing, electrical, HVAC and appliance repair. For complex repairs that require a specific license, they contract with pre-qualified contractors on your behalf.

Along with repairs, we provide preventive maintenance (which we currently use because our house is still under warranty). With the preventive option, we perform a 30-point check of your appliances and home systems twice a year, which is included at no cost to your plan. Preventive services include, but are not limited to, AC condenser coil cleaning, faucet ventilator and refrigerator condenser coil cleaning, appliance inspection, filter replacement, and smoke and CO detector testing.

Personal experience with prefixes

As mentioned earlier, I’m currently using more prefixes for maintenance services, but I’ve been having random issues with my dryer. Our dryer started smoking and randomly stopped working and the prefix responded immediately and came out the next day to fix the issue. They ordered the necessary parts and returned within 48 hours for repair. They also provided a service to wash and dry clothes over time. The service actually picked up our clothes and delivered them to us, which we thought was so cool! It should also be pointed out that for this repair, the Prefix member would have to pay $40 for labor and $10 ($50) wholesale for the parts needed, which would have been a $350 repair without PreFix. I highly recommend PreFix. Our home manager, Cameron, was so excited to work with him! Redeem code TRENDY for 2 months free membership and $80 repair credit. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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