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Breakfast waffles are the perfect breakfast to start the day. This homemade Belgian waffle recipe is super easy to make for breakfast. These sweet waffles are light and airy because we separate the yolks and whites. Continue to whisk the egg whites until stiff white peaks form. Then fold the egg whites at the end to make this recipe much softer.

Making Belgian breakfast waffles is easy and can be whipped over time. My kids/husband can make it too. Last Mother’s Day they made me breakfast waffles with fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I think they did a great job. Isn’t it?

Best Waffle Topping Ideas

Have you ever wondered if waffles go well with breakfast? There are many ways to decorate your breakfast waffles in style. Here are some of my favorite waffle topping ideas from Love Food Feeds you can try.

  • Whipped cream and fresh berries (my favorite)
  • Chocolate dipping sauce and strawberries.
  • maple syrup.
  • Mix berry compote.
  • Yogurt and chopped fruits.
  • Bacon and Maple Syrup.
  • Peanut butter and sliced ​​bananas.
  • roasted apples.
  • How many calories are in breakfast waffles?

    Breakfast waffles are a great snack to enjoy from time to time. Adding toppings can be quite high in calories, so we don’t recommend eating them every day. These delicious Belgian waffles are 396 calories each with no added toppings. If you’re keeping an eye on your calorie intake, you can save calories by topping your waffles with fresh fruit and low-sugar syrup.

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