How Pamela Anderson Feels About the Pam & Tommy Series

Hulu premiered the expected limited series. Pam & Tommy But there is one key figure who has vowed not to see it. Pamela Anderson.

starring program Lily James and Sebastian Stan, based on a true story. It focuses on the relationship between Pamela and her ex. miscellaneous crew expert tommy lee, divorced in 1998 after three years of marriage, and is the saga of an infamous private sex tape released online after it was stolen in 1995. Tommy supports the project, but Pamela boycotts.

“I’ll never see Pam. Pam & Tommy A Hulu series,” the source said. “The robbery was a living nightmare. This robber is the only thing she can erase from her life. It haunts her to this day.”

The official said, “It was a foul to film this tape. It was a very traumatic time in her life. And re-creating it itself is shocking.”

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