If the world feels like a terrible place, here are the 50 most wholesome and uplifting things people have shared online. (New Pics)

Dr. Stephen Post is a prominent voice in the field of positive psychology with a focus on how to help people lead healthy and happy lives at both the personal and social level. “Positive psychology isn’t about denying difficult emotions. It’s about being open to what’s happening here and now, and cultivating and savoring the good things in life,” said Ron Siegel, assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School. said.

Many people want to start sharing their kindness with others and reach a completely different level of happiness, but don’t know where to start. If so, here are some small exercises you can try. The only thing you have to do is toss a coin and see which side is visible when it falls. Heads, engage in pleasure-seeking activities like going to the movies, getting a manicure, or eating out.

Do something to help Tales, the community, or those around you. You can make a charitable donation, chat with an older person, or start volunteering. Notice how you feel at the exact moment and the next day.

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