“I’m from ‘Third World Country'”: A man explains that he no longer wants to live in the United States after learning about the working conditions.

Although India is the seventh largest and second most populous country on the planet, high levels of poverty, corruption, pollution, gender inequality and other problems make India a part of the Third World.

However, that does not mean that all locals live miserable lives.

A few days ago, someone logged in with a nickname 3rdworldworker made post In the popular r/AntiWork subreddit, it was claimed that the community made him think his current job actually offered “infinitely better working conditions” than the average American, and even made him doubt his dream of relocating to the United States. do.

His story rekindles the story of wages, employee exploitation, and what it really means to live a decent life.

A 25-year-old Indian worker has confessed that he no longer dreams of relocating to the United States.

Image Credits: Ninara

And said it was all because of the r/AntiWork subreddit

Image Credits: Michael Burrows (not real photos)

His story inspired people to share their thoughts on the subject.

Some even pointed out that the OP is plentiful by Indian standards.

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