January Meals: Week 4

It’s week 4 of the plan, and by now you’re a rock star with seasoned meal prep. Check out this week’s recipes, including tofu balls, meatballs and apple muffins!

4 parking! 4 parking! 4 parking! We did it! We were issued in January. together. Delicious meals and snacks that take up the right amount of brain space and energy. Because of the energy bites and the noodles and fries, we have a little extra space on our stomachs. who can stop So good.

And this week won’t disappoint you. A bowl of sweet and silky peanut tofu, chicken meatballs with roasted chilli and fluffy orzo, and a sheet pan chicken pita topped with chunky chachiki. Are you excited?! we are sure

They are also the easiest, healthiest apple muffins to start your day or boost your energy. Oh note 4, you have our hearts.

This week’s recipe

Crispy chicken meatballs, pepper and orzo in a bowl with fork.

Meal 1: Chicken Meatballs with Pepper and Orzo

One netizen said, “It’s 20 out of 10. Wow. You can drink this sauce. No, I was thinking!” And we talk about it. we too! everything is so good Also, why not drink the sauce? Serve this in a martini glass, place meatballs on a nice toothpick, and eat. The orzo side can be tricky, but it’ll probably be a night out for two.

Meat and vegetables with chachiki and pita.

Meal 2: Sheet Pan Chicken Pita with Tzatziki

Now, look at this roasted, proud little fan. All the salty Mediterranean giants come to you in plate style. Pickled grilled chicken, feta cheese, grilled red pep, all the fresh cakes and olives you want. Oh, and get your pita boats ready for that chachiki, guys!

Serve in a bowl with a fork over rice topped with broccoli, tofu and pepper sauce.

Meal 3: Spicy Peanut Tofu Bowl

Let’s not forget the cube of tofu, which is crispy and golden, with the soft and sweet silky sauce that spreads softly on the fluffy rice, broccoli roasted in the oven, and red pepper. It’s also very flexible if you want to mix and match any part of it. After all, you can still create amazing dishes. Chicken instead of tofu? for sure! Do you prefer a different vegetable mix? Go for it! Quinoa instead of rice? please! Just… don’t mess with the peanut sauce. this is perfect (Okay, you can still serve almond butter if needed.)

Apple Muffins topped with Coconut.

Snack/Breakfast: Pleasant Apple Muffins

An apple a day keeps doctors away, but eating two apples, ground together with a few other wholesome ingredients, keeps you in the Apple Muffin business and is arguably more life-giving. Cozy, dense and warm cinnamon benefits. This snack/breakfast option will make you smile all week. There’s honey butter, anyone? Yes, of course.

Green salad in a bowl with dressing on the side.

Vegetables / Sides: simple green salad

You know the drill and you love the drill. It always goes well with spring greens, but this week, sprinkle it over grilled vegetables and add a little more rotisserie chicken.

Grocery List and 3-2-1 Preparation Day

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Meal Planning Guide and Grocery List

This series not only includes what you need to make these delicious meals, but also includes free printable meal plans each week. how to make them happen In an easy, fun and efficient way with a meal planning system that I have used and loved. It has been practically tested and has been approved by the real world.

Here’s what’s included:

  • that much meal plan with your chosen recipe for a week;
  • all grocery list;
  • that much preparation guide This is a summary of the 60-90 minute blitz. To prepare meals for the week. This tool is important and this is what sets this resource apart from the list of recipe links. I’ve already done the work of pulling out the steps that work well for you to prepare ahead of time, and I’ve made it a really nice and easy guide for you.

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This is the last week of meal planning and we hope to start the year in a way that is manageable and helpful. Maybe you’ll keep doing it? 2022 is here and we are moving through it. In some ways, we didn’t expect it, and so are you. Those 60-90 minutes of Sunday night, I know I’m preparing myself for a week. We’re organizing it in self-managed folders that fit our lives right now. right?

When you’re ready, we appreciate your feedback on meal preparation and planning! You can take a simple survey. here.

Our rather weary weekday selves are pretty grateful for our Sunday night selves that we’ll open the fridge and know exactly what’s going to happen and soon we’ll be seated on a warm, wholesome plate full of tasty treats. . Yes.

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