Kids #62 did something so strange that they horrified their parents.

Children are everything. Their big hearts, small heads, and overwhelming cuteness can melt the coldest souls.

But if you’re a parent with one, two, or a few, things are a little different. Young children are suddenly turned into reckless people with crazy adventures that never end and rules that have to be broken. In the world of parenting, to be a great human being able to grow big and make parents proud, there seems to be no limit, even if the term itself basically sets limits. And sometimes things get creepy.

So today, let’s take a closer look at the moments that children scare their parents. A doll lamp made by a child that looks like a prop from a movie after school? check. An imaginary friend picture? Aha. Nanny cam records showing kids dancing in the middle of the night? Yes. Well, at least their life is far from boring! Shh! After you’ve finished reading this article, check out our previous article with some of the creepiest statements that kids aren’t encouraged to read alone.

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