Management introduces disciplinary rules to get the most out of their employees, and any violation of the rules will result in stunts.

A workplace discipline policy must provide employees with clear guidelines and predictable consequences for breaking rules.

On paper, this sounds like a good thing. We protect the company from unfair claims and ensure equal treatment for all employees. Win-win, right? maybe somewhere. Anywhere other than Redditor Alternative_Hunter34 factory.

a few days ago they made post It’s clear that things are losing, as the popular r/AntiWork subreddit talks about how organizations deal with late and sick employees.

The company’s outrageous punishment policy is spreading.

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After one of the employees publicly explained how everyone abused him

Image Credits: Alternative_Hunter34

Author of Creation Sue Bingham High-Performance Workplace: Developing a culture of commitment is uncomplicated.Too often I agree that a company’s HR policy is overly restrictive.

“These policies are often complex, overly patriarchal, and attempt to control the behavior of ordinary people through rules designed to curb ‘bad apologies.’ wrote at Harvard Business Review.

“Although a small number of employees may want to take advantage of more flexible or tolerant policies, designing HR policies with such people in mind is not the answer. It does not help improve the performance of the majority of employees who are in the best interests of the organization in mind. It will just make them feel distrustful,” she said. This is exactly what happened in our story. A smart adult was treated like a child who couldn’t take his eyes off of it for a second. No wonder they retaliated after receiving such a message from their employer.

Bingham says, “Everyone should act in the best interest of the organization and their fellow employees,” says Bingham, to replace a long list of rules of conduct.

global vote According to a study conducted by Gallup, only 15% of the world’s 1 billion full-time workers are employed. That means an astronomical 85% of people are unhappy with their jobs.

But employees everywhere don’t have to hate the company they work for as much as their boss. Yes, they join the company but often leave the manager. Sometimes it’s because of him, and other people aren’t ready to lead the workforce.

It’s been said that the superiors of Alternative_Hunter34 will receive a letter or two of resignation.

People think this practice is at least horrendous, but it can also be illegal.

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