“My cat is so completely anchored to an unknown part of my wall that it neither eats nor sleeps”

Cats have a reputation on the internet for all sorts of reasons. Some get a lot of fans because of their unique looks, while others do this with their quirky personalities. But there is a kitten, Tucker, who stands out for his tenacity.

It all started with his owner, a Reddit user. Tucker Trouble 14 to make post Ask for help explaining the animal’s behavior on the subreddit r/CatAdvice. As you can see, Tucker was obsessed with a particular wall in the man’s house.

However, an online search for answers ended up at a dead end. So the man extended it to his real life and dug a hole that Tucker would stare at for hours.

14-year-old Tucker was an ordinary cat, and had a very enjoyable and quite sober life.

Image Credits: Amenohi (not real photo)

But one day everything changed and he became obsessed with one particular wall in his house.

Image Credits: Tucker Problem 14

People tried to understand Tucker’s strange behavior.

After a while, the OP came back with unexpected news.

Image Credits: Tucker Problem 14

investigation continued

Image Credits: Tucker Problem 14

Image Credits: William Topa (not real photo)

And finally the riddle is solved

Image Credits: Tucker Problem 14

People were happy to hear that Tucker (and his owner) was fine.

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