No Dig Garden – 5 Surprising Reasons to Change Your Gardening Style

no-dig gardening

no-dig gardening

Gardening is all about relaxing, refreshing, returning to nature and sustainability, whether growing an acre of vegetables, planting kale or flowers or simply growing them. A hag garden (regardless of size) provides more flowers, more produce, and fewer weeds with less work. Discover 5 reasons to change your gardening style to no dig.

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if you know hag gardener They are passionate about soil. And there is a reason. By creating lush, living soils through tillage, composting and mulching, you can grow amazing produce and flowers. As of this writing I am booking compost deliveries to fill my bed and I am very pleased. My husband laughs because he doesn’t have to buy me expensive gifts. All you need is compost or soil to make you happy. And I visit the garden store from time to time.


We get compost delivered because we can’t make enough for the size of our garden. you can Make your own compost To use in your flower beds and gardens. Compost breaks down the soil and organic matter that can feed new plants. This can be made from lawn mowers, leaves, old plants, vegetable kitchen scraps, decomposing wood and straw. Compost is very important for gardening without digging because it adds to the soil’s organic matter and food web. If you feed the soil food web, the soil will feed the plants. This means that no chemical fertilizers are required. As well as compost Much cheaper!

Reasons to start a no-dig garden

For several reasons, you should start a garden that does not dig (no tillage). The main reason is that it yields more of both flowers and produce with less effort. Below you will find 5 other amazing reasons to start your own old lady garden.

Furnace Gardening Methods

No-dig gardening is a horticultural method that does not involve tilling or turning over garden beds in preparation for spring planting. Instead, gardening works with the idea of ​​building the soil without disrupting the soil food web in an effort to make the soil and feed the plants. It’s about working smarter.

How to start an oars garden

that much in the excavation garden The lasagna layer, the carbon-rich layer and the nitrogen-rich layer, that builds the health of the soil. The plant-based layer and the compost layer are rich in nitrogen. Cardboard or paper is added to the carbon-rich level. You can also use straw and manure for the layer. The idea is to accumulate nutrients in the soil growing plants.

What you need for a oars garden

To create a hag garden, you will need a high bed or garden bed section that you plan to use. Clean the area and lay a layer of cardboard to cover the bottom of the “bed”, then layer with compost, soil, manure, straw, leaves and any organic material you choose to use. you can also use worm casting and compost. The top layer is usually compost or mulch that creates an excellent organic area for seedlings to grow.

no-dig gardening

5 surprising reasons to start an oar-digger garden

The ability to create soil and make a garden bed to feed your plants is reason enough to start a hag garden, but if you need more reasons, we have 5 reasons to help you start your hag garden journey and never look back.

No digging means less work.

No-dig horticulture is an addition to the soil. On the last layer, layer more organic material. Adding a layer of compost every spring and fall is normal without gardening. When this layer is added seed Plants are planted and all that the garden asks of you is basically watering and occasionally weeding. No need to mix, grind or move objects.

Gardening means fewer weeds.

Gardening means less soil movement so weed seeds don’t spread. You can still get occasional weeds that can be quickly picked and composted. Spend less time picking weeds in your garden and making sure your plants are growing.

Healthier soil without digging

add compost, worm casting A layer of lasagna in your soil increases the organic soil food web and adds healthy nutrients to the soil that will feed your plants. Think of compost and lasagna layers like this: Natural vitamins for soil It is absorbed as the plant grows. In turn, you are growing healthy produce.

No chemical fertilizers required without gardening.

What to add when adding compost, nitrogen and carbon-based materials to your garden natural fertilizer So there is no need to add chemical fertilizers that are expensive and cause more problems than benefits.

Do not dig for more harvest

If you have researched and built a matte garden, you will be amazed at the level of bountiful harvest that matte gardens can provide each season. A no-dig garden can be turned into a multi-season garden that provides food, flowers, or both for your family all year round.

no excavation bed

No-dig gardening is not limited to a 10×10 area of ​​a garden. You can use the old-fashioned lasagna method in a flower bed or container garden. It is to add without turning the soil over.

beginner gardening

If you’re a novice gardener looking to grow more food for your family or start a flower garden, creating a no-dig garden is a great option. It means less labor, less cost, more harvest.

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No Dig Garden – 5 Surprising Reasons to Change Your Gardening Style

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