People in #30 were shocked at how bad their New York apartment was and posted this photo as evidence.

What comes to mind when you think of New York? Outsiders say it is usually full of diversity, innovation and culture. But anyone who has lived in NYC knows that life there isn’t as glamorous as it seems. After all, when 8 million people stay in one place, things get chaotic.

The rental real estate market in the city is very fierce. The average price for a studio apartment is $2,830.. This is a 32% increase over the previous year. While some apartments tend to remain in perfect shape, others have disappointing design flaws, missing bathrooms, or showers in the kitchen.

New Yorkers who experienced the “joy” of witnessing these accidents decided to take pictures and share them on the Internet. So be prepared to appreciate your current living situation and take a look at the absurd and unexpected things people come across while looking for an apartment. Keep scrolling, vote for the one that upsets you the most, and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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