Picot Bind Off Edging – 10 lines a day

picot bind-off border

If you want to match your project’s cast-on and binding-off, then this tutorial is for you. Let’s see how to create bind-off edges that look very similar to edges formed with Easy Picot Cast On.

Because the cast-on-edge we are trying to fit consists of two parts – Double layer edges and a small set of pico above each stitch – You will need to do some very interesting manipulations to create the shape. Same thick edge with pico When we tie the needles.

I tested a handful of different solutions with mixed results before deciding on different combinations. two ways fabricated very similar look Produced by the pico cast-on technique. And it’s not just about looks. at the edge similar thickness and same amount of stretch.

Let’s see how this approach works step by step.

This edge will look great in the next. Any scarf, shawl or blanket. the thickness of the edge Prevents fabric from stretching or curlingand your project will look like it’s done well after using it for quite some time.

plus, no one will be able to tell the difference A lot of knitters between cast-on and bind-off edges will be wondering how they made those edges 🙂

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Peacott Bind Off Edge |  10 lines a day
peacott bind-off border |  10 lines a day
Peacott Bind Off Edge |  10 lines a day

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