“She attacked him first”: Family feuds arise after a father refuses to punish his son for fighting his homophobic aunt.

As we all know, family is very important, but some family members don’t always make eye contact on specific issues. Such events can cause strife and quarrels in the family, which can lead to somewhat upsetting situations. So it’s no surprise that Reddit user aitasondyed took his situation to the AITA subreddit to make sure he didn’t do anything wrong.

In the case of Itasondai, I had an argument with my older sister. In short, the original poster (OP) revealed that she was bisexual and had her son dyed her hair a pride color to help her bond with a schoolgirl who was being bullied. When the OP’s sister saw her son’s hair at her family barbecue, she didn’t like it at all and actually did everything to convince her parents and son to cover her hair and eventually dye it back to her natural color. . The OP’s sister made questionable remarks, threatening to kick her son out of a barbeque purely because of her hair. After that, the situation became even hotter. Scroll down to see the full story.

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Talking to your elders is not necessarily polite, but it may be correct.

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A father turned to the Internet to see if it was wrong for his son to tell his aunt again about his hair.

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OP is a widower and is raising a 16-year-old son after his wife passed away. Another important character in this story is the OP’s sister, who, according to him, articulates her own views and is not “outright homophobic/racist”. As we will see later, the latter is not entirely true.

The OP’s son, in solidarity with a fellow student who had his permission, approached him to ask if he could dye his hair in pride.

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Some parents do not approve of making major changes to their children’s appearance before they reach adulthood. This is understandable. In the case of the OP, he would have stuck with this rule regarding his son. However, the OP didn’t object because he saw this as an opportunity dedicated to supporting a legitimate cause. He felt proud that his son was standing for someone. It’s unclear whether the OP felt sympathy for the LGBTQ+ community, but it’s heartening to have his son express it.

Shortly after dyeing his hair, the OP’s son ran into the aforementioned sister at a family reunion, which backfired on her.

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Although the OP said his sister is not homophobic, the last three images prove otherwise. She verbally attacked the OP’s son and tried to conform him to her beliefs. This is actually homophobic. The OP’s son was under great pressure, and despite his harsh words, it was no surprise to defend himself.

After the situation was over, the OP’s brother heard that the OP’s son would not be punished, so the OP’s sister called him and refused to talk to him, and the OP made the OP feel like a TA.

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The OP’s situation is understandable. Especially considering his parents, he feels like he’s a TA because his sister hasn’t been doing well since the situation. But, as the OP himself said, when his son was attacked, he had the right to defend himself.

The OP then describes her sister’s behavior regarding homophobia and her other toxic traits.

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Homophobia is definitely not okay, even if it’s not overtly in some people. The OP’s portrayal of other detrimental traits of her older sister isn’t pretty either, so it’s not surprising that she reacts so badly to something as simple as dyeing her hair.

The comments section tells the OP he’s not a TA and his sister’s behavior

Some thought that the OP’s son was overreacting in his defense, but everyone agreed that he had a right to stand up for him and praised the OP.

There are several angles to this story, but one thing is certain. The point is that if someone has a personal problem and you decide to pass it on to someone else, you should expect a reaction to their initial behavior. Overall, the OP seems like a really good parent, all things considered, and the comments section is also true.

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