‘She was heartbroken’: Parents angry at relative who gave 16 YO $50 for cake she baked.

“AITA paying $50 for a birthday cake my nephew made for my son’s birthday?” Redditor Wagon-1569 Wonder From AskReddit. At first glance, the question sounds odd. What’s wrong with supporting a 16-year-old baking hobby? But here’s another family drama from the book. Everyone seems to have their own truth.

“Due to my brother and wife’s financial situation, Judy dropped out of culinary school. It broke her heart, especially because she was number one in her class,” the author wrote. So for their son’s fourth birthday, Wagon-1569 asked Judy to bake a cake for $50.

This escalated into a full-fledged conflict after Judy’s dad was less moved by the author giving his daughter money from behind. Scroll down the full story and share your thoughts on this situation in the comments section!

Image Credit: Aneta Voborilova (not real photo)

And this is what people had to comment on all of this.

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