Smoothie Ball Strawberry and Banana

For those who don’t like smoothie balls in the morning or at any time of the day, this strawberry banana smoothie bowl recipe tastes like strawberry ice cream. Every time I eat a smoothie bowl, I feel like I’m being naughty because it tastes like dessert for breakfast, minus the high-calorie options offered by the less fruity breakfast options.

What is the difference between Smoothie and Acai Ball?

Both smoothies and acai balls are made from the same ingredients. However, smoothie bowls are slightly more liquid in consistency and more like a strong drink. Acai bowls are typically made using frozen fruits and vegetables and have an ice cream texture. Both taste similar to each other and you can serve both in a bowl topped with your favorite strawberries and seeds. To be honest, mine is thicker and colder, so it’s more like an acai bowl.

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