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Christmas Snowman Cake Ideas

We all love to get creative in the kitchen, especially when the holidays are approaching. Choosing from a variety of decorated cupcakes for the holidays couldn’t be easier. This selection of Christmas cupcake ideas is very easy to decorate. It took about 15 minutes to glaze and decorate all 12 cupcakes and they are ready to enjoy.

The red and white fondant icing is twisted together for a very festive look. If you’re thinking of making a few other Christmas-themed cupcakes, be sure to check out our other popular Christmas cupcakes as well. We have everything from Christmas pudding cupcakes to sweet polar bears. We also have cheeky red nosed reindeer cupcakes that you will love. All these Christmas cupcake recipe ideas are easy to make and fantastic.

snowman cupcake calories

Wait… I didn’t count calories during the Christmas break, so I thought everyone would know! This is a New Year’s resolution for LOL. But in case you really need to know, there are 262 calories in each of these Cute Snowman Cupcakes. Remember, there are no restrictions on food this Christmas. January is a month for detox and healthy eating, and we promise to share tons of delicious healthy recipes to kick off the new year. We will also be sharing very healthy and low-calorie cupcakes. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy these cupcakes with your family and friends.

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