‘That’s it, I’m inkshaming’: 30 times people didn’t even realize how bad tattoos are

Not all tattoos are created equal. Some people dazzle people with their surprising and artistic merits, while others force a dual attitude, which can make people wonder what exactly happened there. welcome to ‘That’s it, I’m inkshaming’ The Facebook group is a community of nearly 243,000 members ridiculing ‘really bad tattoos’.

This group is meant to post “really terrible” low-quality ink in the hopes of making people laugh. It’s not meant to be mean, and there’s no room for a general twitch. We’ve compiled some of the group’s most interesting feature photos. crème de la crème Bad tattoos to share with you today, dear panda. Scroll down and enjoy.

Meanwhile, read on for the next. boring pandaIn-depth interview with Glasgow-based owner Archangel 1608 Tattoo StudioTalented tattoo artist David McKinlay.

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