The CEO told his employees, “Go elsewhere,” if you want them to work from home, and he understood the assignment.

The pandemic has taught us a lot about ourselves, about other people, and how we don’t actually have to physically go to work if we have to sit in front of a computer all day.

It showed companies that they don’t need such huge office space and that scaling down can save money as there are always people who prefer to work from home, plus they can find talent elsewhere. Location doesn’t matter anymore.

But there are companies keen to get their employees back to the office as soon as possible, sometimes ignoring the brief subsidence of the pandemic in order to get stronger.

However, employees have become accustomed to working from home, where they do not have to commute or sit around their colleagues, so they quit when they have no choice but to return to the office. Just like this Redditor and his colleagues did when they came up with plans to get rid of remote work.

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The CEO told his employees that to work from home, they had to travel elsewhere.

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Original poster (OP) with username Icerman, who worked as a team leader at the company that developed the app. Like many companies, this company allowed its employees to work from home when it became clear that this was a serious problem after the pandemic started.

There were people who joined the company at this time because they didn’t even have to go to the office, so it was safer. Some people on the OP team aren’t even in the same city, they’re working too far away and they’re in different time zones.

When the pandemic began, the company allowed its employees to work from home and hired people from places where there were no offices.

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The staff didn’t worry because they all thought things were going to go like this. But towards the end of last summer, company management decided it was time to start planning a return to the office.

People hired to work remotely were told they didn’t have to worry about working in an office because the policies were flexible, but eventually they realized that wasn’t the case and had to move to the city where the office was located. . within one year.

But in the midst of the pandemic, they gradually made plans to return to the office.

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People weren’t crazy about it at all. The CEO said it would help the spirit of the company. However, there were some people who didn’t want to move with the whole family when the easiest solution was to keep them working remotely.

The CEO was tenacious and did not care about the concerns and suggestions of his employees. They suggested that if people like to work from home, they leave the company only enough that it won’t happen. Little did I know that the workers would take it to heart.

For those unhappy with this decision, the CEO suggested finding another job.

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Although the change was burdensome, the company’s employees took the offer seriously. After this announcement, the mood of the company was really sad because it was obvious that people were leaving. No one was chatting or attending company meetings on the Slack channel, so the intention to keep the company spirit was completely dead.

Another reason people don’t hesitate to leave is because the pay was low and they realized it. So it was completely clear that the company was doing what it thought was best, not its employees.

The CEO didn’t mind if employees moved with their families and was promised a flexible policy for working from home.

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The OP said that their team was initially 8 and there were only 2 left, so they decided to follow the new policy. Icerman knows that the company is still looking for new people and struggling to keep the job going.

If you’re wondering what happened to the OP, he said he really did his best because he found a job that paid more, required less time, and was less stressful.

So the staff took the offer seriously and started moving away one by one to a better place.

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In fact, more and more people are doing the same thing. Another problem at the company could have caused employees to leave, or the mandatory office work could have been the last straw. However, companies are experiencing what is known as the Great Resignation.

The term was coined by Anthony Klotz, an organizational psychologist and professor at Texas A&M University. He predicted that many would quit their jobs if they were forced to return to the office.

that much morning consulting According to the survey, nearly half of respondents in clerical jobs who currently work from home said they would consider quitting if their employers let them return to work before they feel safe returning to work.

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The OP also left and was forced to find a job that was less stressful and paid better.

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Therefore, employers should think before offering to retire an employee and before attempting to force them to return. Because Icerman’s story may not be an isolated event.

Other redditors were delighted that the OP was now in a better position in his career, and felt it was right for a colleague to quit if he felt that working in the office wasn’t for him. What are your views on the story? Do you think this will become common and do you think companies will adjust their work in office policies? Let me know in the comments!

People in the comments said they don’t understand why the company is doing this and think the company deserves a mass resignation.

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