The easiest way to make an I-Code selvedge

Sliding I-Code Selvedge

There is a very simple way to add beautiful i-chords to the side edges of any project. I learned this method from Tom Michels, who kindly shared this technique with me in a comment to one of my video tutorials.

we have already discussed A few ways to create i-chord wilds. One of those methods is described as follows. “Road #5” in a tutorial called “5 Ways to Create Clean Side Corners”. Another way is called “Slim i-cord border”. you can read about it Follow this link.

Here’s Tom’s version of i-cord wildges: much easier than any other technology. Treating the side edges with a weave-like i-cord as I’ve tried so far is by far the easiest. And above all, I’m happy. Share this amazingly simple method with all of your friends.

This border worked. three needles. If you plan to add both sides of the project (such as a scarf or blanket); Add 6 Needles as many needles as you threw.

then work same three steps in every row.

Watch the next steps described in video tutorial Under.

This type of wild goes well with: any stitch patternBut It looks best next to a textured stitch. Like garter stitch or seed stitch. Because the thread is not tight after knitting one stitch icode is long enough You can comfortably knit any stitch pattern.

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Easiest way to make I-Code selvedge |  10 lines a day
Easiest way to make I-Code selvedge |  10 lines a day
Easiest way to make I-Code selvedge |  10 lines a day

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