The eldest daughter, who was taking care of the four siblings, decides to leave the house first, mom snaps

Being a mother is difficult. In fact, that’s equivalent to having 2.5 full-time jobs. research to show. Hearing this, we don’t even want to imagine what it’s like to do everything by ourselves.

luckily, u/Few_Blood1369‘s mother had a daughter who helped her along with four little Munchkins. Cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping, this 20-year-old did the most. So her mother wasn’t particularly happy when she announced her plans to move, as people in her early 20s usually do.

Accused of thinking only for himself, this Redditor is a trusted ‘Am I Hall A?‘ Subreddit to see what others will do for her.

Being a single parent is always grateful to have someone by your side to raise a healthy little human being.

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But things can get complicated when the heaviest person decides it’s time to move on.

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The author has clarified some important points about context.

And he explained what it meant to her to leave young children behind.

The sad fact is that nearly a quarter of American children under the age of 18 live with them. single parent Recent studies show a higher percentage for other adults than anywhere else in the world. And while the levels of stress and fatigue of being the only livelihood of five are enough to make most parents gasp in sympathetic horror, intentionally or not, putting a child between a rock and a hard place is lovely and loving. Not caring parents. what to do

Also, parents, no matter how capable and mature they appear, should not use their children to fill the void of missing parents. Imi Lo, psychotherapist and blog author Living with strong emotions, called ‘parenting’. In addition to “extreme anxiety and other neuro-obsessive-compulsive disorders,” including severe depression, Law points out that children who become single-parent responsibilities are more likely to have parenting problems on their own.

So the messy part of trying to regain independence is navigating the emotional minefield that some parents can use to keep their children in place. Diane Barth, a psychotherapist and author of I Know How You Feel: The Joys and Griefs of Friendship in Women’s Lives, says the best way to remove a band-aid without compromising your relationship with your parents is to try to be compassionate. I believe it will. “The important thing for a child to remember is that the parents feel guilty or manipulated because they feel hopeless and abandoned,” Barth said. boring panda.

Barth understands how hard it can be to stay strong in the face of nervous and disappointed parents, but in the end reminds him that parents always come around. “A lot of people have been through this and I will tell you this. You did it the right way. Even if your parents act like the terrible thing that just happened, will do Eat around.” They could overturn your decision to move and try to save money on an expensive apartment (when you can instead live without rent and save money), Barth noticed, but the point was firm. “They may not understand the reasoning now, but of finally.”

People have said this about this complicated situation.

Boston-based Ph.D. Dr. Lynn Margolies psychologist And the author of Psychology Today magazine’s ‘Therapy Insider’ blog believes that the need to use guilt as a way to cope with a child’s growing independence often stems from the “unsettled attachments” parents have inherited from them. Childhood. Margolies explained to Bored Panda. “When you can’t control your emotions, you try to feel better by trying to control what other people do, like prohibiting emotional separation and autonomy.

Like Barth, she recommends the following approach: that much Conversation “in a planned way” – A conversation that is assertive but kind and can penetrate the thickest armor of emotion. “An example of the expression of a good bounding factor is incontrovertible. I love you and I will not leave you. But I’ll make my own decisions about this.’” She advised that giving in to emotional manipulation can often do more harm to long-term relationships than not doing what you think is best for you.

Barth and Dr. Another important point Margolies mentions is the importance of not getting involved in the mind game of calling names. It is easy to get lost in an argument, and equally prone to being looked down upon or to an ugly insult. We’ve all been there and know how easy it is to fly off the steering wheel. But Barthes says that gaining ground in a hostile confrontation is the first step in the right direction.

Barth pointed out: “So, the more the child can say, ‘I’m not going to have this conversation while you call me’ – the easier it will be to get out of the mother’s emotional manipulation.”

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